Sharing Eid Traditions Through Children’s Books

By Sailaja Joshi

From Masala Mommas

Since last year’s #WeNeedDiverseBooks grassroots campaign, the publishing world has been forced to take a hard look at some key statistics. With children being the most impressionable and books making such a strong impact in their lives, parents and educators are making an effort to ensure the books their children read represent people and stories from all around the world.

Although immigrant populations in the West have been rising over the last few decades, the books our children are reading have remained the same. While some parents are desperately looking for resources that they can share with their children, publishers still seemed to be convinced that diverse books “don’t sell.” As a result, newer publishers, such as Lee and Low books, Gnaana, and Bharat Babies, have emerged that are focussing specifically on bridging the gaps on bookshelves.

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