Review: Always Anjali

By Sailaja Joshi

From Toka Box

Always Anjali is a beautiful children's book about a 7-year-old who feels out of place in her environment. 

Anjali is 7 yrs old and is excited to get her new bike and take it to her school carnival with her friends Courtney and Mary. At the carnival, they decide to get name license plates for their bikes. But guess what! Courtney and Mary find their names pretty quick. There is Alex, Andrea, and even Angela but no Anjali.

When a child named Zachary calls Anjali Peanut Butter An-Jelly and everyone laughs, Anjali is very upset and even demands that her parents change her name to something everyone will recognize!

Does Anjali change her name? What does her name mean? How does she deal with this situation? You have to read the book to find out!

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