New Book Publisher Tries to Fill the Large Gap of Missing Children’s Books for Hindus and Other Indian Groups

By Sailaja Joshi

From The Chakra

Meet ‘Bharat Babies’the new small publisher trying to tackle the gap of diverse children’s books, mainly for India’s religious and cultural groups. Currently, Bharat Babies has produced a total of 4 books catered to Hindu, Muslim and non-religious Indian kids. Their books are broken down by 3 development levels ranging from 0 to 24 months all the way lower elementary grades.

The small Boston-based publisher was founded by Indian-American Sailaja Joshi. When Sailaja Joshi was pregnant with her first child, she struggled to find books about Indian culture that she could share with her daughter. And of the few books she did find that spoke to her Indian heritage, she noticed in dismay that none took into account the varying stages of developmental needs of her growing child. Thus Bharat Babies, a Boston-based startup helping fill the gap in diverse children’s literature, was born.

The Bharat Babies doesn’t just seem to only advocate for diverse learning tools, but for a number of noble humanist causes. In 2015, a portion of author’s profits from one of their books was donated to charity for the devastating Nepal earthquake where thousands of innocent people have lost their lives & loved ones.

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