Meet The Woman Who Founded “Bharat Babies,” a Children’s Book Company Centered On Indian Culture

By Sailaja Joshi

From Black Nerd Problems

I loved reading growing up. Arthur and Harry Potter were my jam, but I didn’t have much significant South Asian exposure in terms of literary heroes. Fast-forward about two decades, and I was introduced to Bharat Babies. This company creates children’s books that focus on South Asian — most specifically, Indian — heritage. I was so excited to see a book focused on the Hindu God Ganesha, a well-known and well-loved deity. I totally wish I had age-appropriate books that told cute stories about Lord Ganesha growing up! Their illustrations are so beautiful and endearing, and I strongly urge each of you to take a look. Here’s what Bharat Babies CEO and Founder had to say about this exciting new company.

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