By Sailaja Joshi

From Hello Mamas

There are a few things that you just don’t notice until you have kids; like how hard it is to make mom friends, how much poop a little person can really produce, and how every kid has the same books on their bookshelf. As for the poop problem, there’s not too much we can do about it. The amazing team at Hello Mamas is busy tackling the first problem, while another local Boston mama is busy tackling the last one.

Sailaja Joshi discovered that her library-themed baby shower meant a slew of the classic children’s books. And, while she loved these stories, she also wanted to share stories that she grew up hearing. She wanted to share her colorful and rich Indian heritage with her own daughter the way her mother shared with her. When she set out to find these children’s books, she was disappointed that so few resources were available. So, like any mom on a mission, she created her own.Bharat Babies was born.

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