By Sailaja Joshi

From Love, SND

As you all know, the family has been preparing for the arrival of our 6th little bundle of joy. In the process of prepping, we have found ourselves craving a deeper outlet to teach our little ones about our South Asian culture and heritage through pictures and stories that would relate to them! In the midst of our search emerged the amazing Bharat Babies.

Bharat Babies is a company that is committed to producing developmentally appropriate children’s books that tell stories of India’s heritage and will grow with the child all the way from birth to elementary school. They are launching their very fist book, Hanuman and the Orange Sun. This tale follows Harini, a bright, young girl who is learning the story of the Hindu deity, Hanuman Dada, for the very first time. “When Hanuman Dada was a baby,” Harini’s mother tells her, “he saw the sun in the sky and, thinking it was an orange, jumped up to take a bite…” The rest of the book explores the story and takes its young readers on a journey with Harini and her mother’s tale.

Bharat Babies is in the midst of a pre-order campaign for this flagship book, Hanuman and the Orange Sun and are looking for the support of our South Asian community to bring this project alive! We are so incredibly excited and humbled to share an exclusive Runways and Rattles interview with Sailaja Joshi, the founder and creator of Bharat Babies! And as a token of appreciation, Bharat Babies will be giving away a Limited Edition Print and a Reserved Copy of Hanuman and the Orange Sun to a lucky winner! See details below on how to enter the giveaway!

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