By Sailaja Joshi

Lately, our team has been reflecting a lot about grace. 

The grace we show each other, as a team that works full time and does the work for MMP in those “in-between times.” As caregivers, in a pandemic, with young children while constantly pivoting in an industry that is facing major supply chain issues. 

We’ve shown grace to many, many folks along the chain, and now we ask the same from you.

We’ve heard the murmurs, received the harassing DMs, about our latest transition. An incredibly private, business matter that required our company to shift our distribution model mid-year while also working to find new printers during a global supply chain nightmare and a pandemic.

So, what we ask from you is grace as we make this transition, that many other publishing houses do but are allowed to do privately (and not in a pandemic). We ask for your patience and understanding as we work to get our books on the platforms you know and love. 

We are deeply grateful for your continued commitment to the work that we are fostering and driving. Your passion and love for our books. We truly are deeply grateful for it and know it’s what continues to drive us day in and day out. 

And please know, that by supporting us, you’re doing much than simply buying a book, you are helping to reimagine an industry and supporting incredibly important, anti-racist work. You are making folks’ dreams come true. 

You are helping to truly transform the world.