Father's Day Card Coloring Printables

By Anjali Joshi

Father's Day is this Sunday June 21st. Have your little one customize and color their very own Father's Day card with our special printables featuring Harini and Amal!

Here's what you'll need to do:

1. Print the card: We've got one featuring Harini here, and one featuring Amal here. Both are available in PDF format. 

2. Have your child fold the page on the lines. First, a "hamburger" fold. Then, folded in half again so the page is in quarters. 

3. [Harini card only] The first blank can be filled in with "Daddy," "Papa," "Baba," or even "Grandpa," "Nana," or "Dada." 
[Both cards] The next blank is for your child's name. 

Infant/Toddler tip: You'll have to write in the names for them! Sound out each letter as you go along, and connect the sounds to form the word. Using corresponding alphabet blocks or magnetic letters help children understand connections between manipulatives, letters, sounds, and words.

Preschooler tip: If your child is learning to write letters, lightly pencil in the letters for him or her and have your child trace over with a crayon. 

4. Color in the front of the card. 

5. The blank side opposite the Father's Day message is a perfect spot for a handprint or beautiful drawing.