Untold: Defining Moments of the Uprooted Pre-Order


Edited by: Gabrielle Deonath and Kamini Ramdeen
Forward by: Tanuja Desai Hidier

Expected to Ship January 2021

untold: defining moments of the uprooted contains sensitive content. Recommended for ages 16+

untold: defining moments of the uprooted is a collection of real stories that explores the South Asian experience in the U.S., U.K., and Canada through the lens of identity, being, and relationships. Thirty emerging voices share deeply personal moments of immigration, infertility, divorce, mental health, suicide, racism, colorism, LGBTQIA+ issues, and more all while balancing the push and pull of belonging to two cultural hemispheres. Every story sheds light on the authentic truths of living as womxn with hyphenated identities that have been only whispered-until now.

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Born out of the lack of minority representation in mainstream media, Brown Girl Magazine was created by and for South Asian womxn, who believe in the power of storytelling as a vehicle for community building and empowerment. Through diverse, multimedia content and community building, we empower and engage those who identify as a part of the South Asian diaspora with a hyphenated identity.


Tanuja Desai Hidier - Foreword
Trisha Sakhuja-Walia - Introduction
Rita Sengupta - Coming Out Again
L.M. Iyer - Performing Lines
Ravleen K. - The Hair Cut
Sharda Sekaran - Anywhere But India
Hena Wadhwa - Fourth Avenue
Meera Solanki Estrada - Born Untouchable
Nova A. - I'm Here, and I'm Queer
J. Lalwani - Terror and Redemption in Trump Country
Amrisa Niranjan - Coming to Ah-merri-kah
Radhika Patel - Harrison Road
Shimul Chowdhury - An "American"
Gabriella Deonath - Unveiling Me
M.K. Ansari - The Whispering of the Jinn
Pooja Patel - Poor Obstetric Outcome
Apoorva Verghese - Dark and Lovely
Subrina Singh - Surviving Suicide
Nupur Chaudhury - Enough
Jessie Brar - The Day I Woke Up
Priyal Sakhuja - The Unforgiving Sun
Kimberly Parekh - A Tale of Two: A (Cancer) Journey Between Best Friends
Anantha Sudhakar - A Tale of Two: A (Cancer) Journey Between Best Friends
Rajvir Gill - The Good Guy
Nisha Singh - Puttar
Saahil - A Saccharine Sickness
Chandra Coats - Meeting My First Blood Relative
Duriba Khan - Home
Nina Malagi - In The Eye of the Owner
Anita Wadhwani - Motherly Instincts
Radhika Menon - Mutassan
Raksha Muthukumar - Kirby Jackson
Neha Patel - Someday, Maybe
Sabina England - Amor Indocumentado



Praise for Untold: Defining Moments of the Uprooted Pre-Order

These deeply personal, stirring, poetic accounts will knock the wind out of you. This collection lifts the veil from the South Asian diaspora, illuminating lived experiences that have for too long been considered taboo.
— Padma Lakshmi
A fascinating collection of deeply personal essays, each author shares what is at once a relatable and unique journey through complex identities, acceptance, and the most unifying theme — our desire for love.
— Kal Penn, actor, writer, producer
Too often, only a certain type of South Asian story is allowed to enter the Western cultural lexicon. 'untold' is a battering ram that breaks through those barriers and offers something more.
— Sopan Deb, New York Times writer and author of Missed Translations: Meeting The Immigrant Parents Who Raised Me