Little Jagadish and Sarla in the Sky STEM Bundle


Estimated Shipping Date: 2022

For $19.95, our community cannot only get a copy of our newest STEM book Little Jagadish and the Great Experiment but also Sarla in the Sky AND sponsor copies of BOTH books for our #1001DiverseBooks campaign. HOW AWESOME IS THAT!?


Over the course of our pre-order campaign, our mission is to raise enough funds to donate 1,001 copies of each Mango & Marigold Press book. Our community can help us achieve this goal by simply sponsoring a copy of a book (or ten!) for just $10 each. With each book sponsored, we'll get closer to helping to not only bridge the diversity gap in children's lit and improve under-served communities' access to books that reflect their existence.

Note: You will not receive the sponsored copy.