She Can You Can Sponsored
Author: Garima Kushwaha | Illustrator: Anastasia Damani


Both educational and engaging, She Can You Can is an alphabetic book that catalogs the lives of inspirational Indian women. From A for the scientist Anita Goel to Z for the prolific performer Zohra Sehgal; this book celebrates Indian and Indian-American women who have paved the way for generations to come and who have forever redefined what it means to be enterprising, confident and most importantly, fearless.


Over the course of our pre-order campaign, our mission is to raise enough funds to donate 1,001 copies of She Can You Can Sponsored. Our community can help us achieve this goal by simply sponsoring a copy of the book (or ten!) for just $10 a book. With each book sponsored, we'll get closer to helping to not only bridge the diversity gap in children's lit and improve under-served communities' access to books that reflect their existence. We're excited and honored to do this, and hope our community will step up and help us meet our mission of raising funds to donate 1,001 copies of She Can You Can Sponsored.

Note: You will not receive the sponsored copy.