Always Me Bundle
Author: Sheetel Sheth | Illustrator: Jessica Blank


The Always Me bundle is perfect for the kid (or adult) in your family who could never find a personalized, well anything with their name. Hand crafted with love by the Bhasha Basics team, this bundle includes one copy of the award winning book Always Anjali and one ornament with a name of your choice. The book and ornament will ship together, making them the perfect holiday gift for anyone in your family.

Diversity matters. Representation matters. Being proud of who you are matters. Always Anjali is the story of a girl who realizes that being herself is her superpower. In a year where the name "Kamala" has become a household name, the story of Anjali hits home more than ever.

To celebrate the launch of Anjali's latest adventures in Bravo Anjali, we are excited to collaborate with Bhaasha Basics to bring to you the "Always Me" Ornament - a beautiful handmade keepsake to adorn your tree and help your little ones carry their name with pride and power. The "Always Me" Ornament is available in LIMITED quantities so buy yours today - available both as a gift bundle with a copy of Always Anjali, or sold separately. If you want to purchase just the ornament, head over to Bhaasha Basics to grab yours today.



Praise for Always Me Bundle

Always Anjali  Synopsis: Purple Dragonfly Grand Prize
Meet Anjali, an inventive little girl with a great big heart. To some, she's a little sassy, but to most, she's clearly clever with much on her mind. But mostly, she's just like everyone else. Except that she's exceptional at the monkey bars. Better than the boys even. Plus, she doesn't yet know that the things you are made fun of for when you are a kid, are exactly what will make you fly when you're all grown up.

When Anjali finally gets the bike of her dreams on her birthday, she and her two best friends are excited to get matching license plates with their names on it. But Anjali can’t find her name. There’s Amy, Betsy, Chris, and many more, but no Anjali. To make matters worse, she gets bullied for her different name, and is so upset she demands to change it. When her parents refuse and she is forced to take matters into her own hands, she winds up learning to celebrate who she is and carry her name with pride. A timeless story about appreciating what makes us special and honoring our differences.

Suggested Age Range: 3-9

About Bhaasha Basics and the Personalized Ornament:
"Bhaasha" is a Sanskrit word that means "language." Language is the single most important development for the human being. We all know that teaching young children multiple languages is beneficial because it helps their brain develop in unprecedented ways. But more importantly, language is the key to unlock one's culture and stay connected to one's roots. Bhaasha Basics was born out of a desire to make the basic elements of our languages easy, and more importantly FUN, to pass on to the next generation. 

What better way to bring 2 cultures together than a bilingual holiday tree?! Come join us in creating an all inclusive vibe with our beautifully designed and handmade Christmas ornaments.

The ornaments are customizable in ANY language (all you have to do is provide the EXACT spelling, with the script). We recommend using Google Transliterate and copy-pasting directly in the comment box. 

The ornaments are 4" wide and made from maple plywood and acrylic.